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Bryan Ruby Chats About Working with Ty Herndon and Pride Month

Singer-songwriter Bryan Ruby continues to make a name for himself in Nashville, and beyond. Being on the professional baseball circuit while being a musician keeps Ruby busy. He discusses everything from his new song, "The Standouts (Heroes Version)" featuring Ty Herndon, to performing at Pride Month events around the country.

The Pennsylvania native marches to the beat of his own drum. Once he relocated to Nashville, Ruby quickly began networking with writers and producers to collaborate with. In September of 2021, he became the only active professional baseball player to come out as gay, and his story was featured in over 100 media outlets across the country. Ruby has released songs that strike a balance between his love of country music and baseball. "I put out a song during spring training called'"Baseball Country.' My music is very baseball friendly. Perfect for summertime," shares Ruby.

The singer has been in high demand when it comes to singing the National Anthem. He has performed at baseball stadiums for The Braves and Vanderbilt's baseball team. "Any chance I get to be back in that environment I jump at it," says Ruby. When he isn't singing the National Anthem at ballparks around the United States, he is constantly working on his own new music. "I've been trying to find ways to combine baseball and music, it's my transition year for sure. We're definitely moving into the musical direction which I'm excited about."

Ruby's is fresh off of releasing his new timely anthem, "The Standouts (Heroes Version)" featuring Ty Herndon. The two singers met at a gig last year and have been wanting to team up for a while now, especially on a tune for pride month. "Herndon has been an inspiration to me and others, so it was a big deal to get him on the song with me and recording it on music row," Ruby notes.