Carly Pearce “29: Written In Stone” Album Review

The Grand Ole Opry’s newest member Carly Pearce released her new album 29: Written In Stone on Friday, September 17. This LP is the extended version of 29 which was released this past February. Pearce is also riding high off two recently announced CMA nominations for Album of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year. She continues to prove with this album she is one of country music’s best ambassadors.

Pearce is an artist who embraces life’s twists and turns with heart, humility, and grace. Two #1 hits “Every Little Thing,” and “I Hope You’re Happy Now,” ACM and CMA awards, and a current radio hit with “Next Girl,” Pearce continues to put in the hard work to make her dreams come true. Having been through a personally difficult year, the singer is ready to share more of her story. “I was writing to save my heart without even knowing it. My champion and longtime producer busbee had died; my marriage was over; my world was completely upended,” said Pearce.

The original seven songs from 29 that include “Should’ve Known Better,” “Show Me Around” are available along with eight new tracks. “Once I started writing, I thought I’d gotten it all out of my system, But the songs just kept on coming, and I realized to truly understand how you come out the other side, not just a quick snapshot, this full project needed to happen. Now people can see how you thrive and shine even in the lowest moments.”

Carly Pearce '29: Written in Stone'

“Dear Miss Loretta” which features Patty Lovelace is a true ode to the country music Pearce grew up with. A lover of 90s and classic country, Pearce feels every line she sings. “I hear your truth, and I feel your pain, now I know why you sang that way.” The other collaboration on this LP is with Ashley McBryde titled “Never Wanted To Be That Girl.” This song has honest lyrics about realizing you have become someone you never thought you would be. “I never wanted to be that girl, I never wanted to hate myself, I thought this kind of lonely only happens to somebody else.”

Vulnerability is part of what makes Pearce so special. “What He Didn’t Do” is one of those tracks that acts as a glimpse into her pain. “I ain’t gonna go and tell you what he did, but I’ll tell you what he didn’t do, treat me right, put me first, be a man of his word, stay home cause he wanted to.” Another song of great transparency is “All The Whiskey In The World.” A song about watching the person you used to love coping with heartache in less desirable ways. “You sober up, you think of us, it still hurts like hell don’t it?”

“Diamondback” has the fiery sass that resembles the early work of Miranda Lambert. Co-written with Kelsea Ballerini, this song is an anthem for all the women who have been through a similar situation as Pearce. “I Want To Mean It This Time” closes out the record by addressing what she would do differently the next time she’s in love. “When I tell the world I’m yours and baby you’re mine, I want to mean it this time.” As 29 is a nominee for Album of the Year, it should be no surprise when 29: Written In Stone is nominated next year.

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