Carrie Underwood "Denim & Rhinestones" Song Review

In her newest song, Carrie Underwood dazzles her audience yet again with “Denim & Rhinestones," a song that features poppy beats and a high-flying attitude that energizes audiences of all different backgrounds. As her title track track to her upcoming LP, “Denim & Rhinestones” is an excellent breakout song by the Oklahoma singer-songwriter to launch her back into the country music limelight. After the success of her latest gospel album, My Gift, Underwood’s return to her roots makes her latest release an exciting addition to the Spring 2022 country music roster.

While the song’s beats and melodies are some of its greatest strengths, one of the clear highlights are the lyrics. While simple and easy to understand, the imagery conjured by “Mama and the kitchen / Cooking supper on the stove / Like a sweet tea and a lemon," we as an audience are immediately brought into Underwood’s world of the serenity that comes from daily life. Her lyrics make “Denim & Rhinestones” a song that’s not only easy to learn, but easy to sing along to no matter the occasion.

“Like the quarter and a jukebox slot / Like the key that turns a lock / Some things don't get any better / Than when they go together, denim and rhinestones."

Underwood is known for her melodic beats, and her latest single is quick to keep up with the times. The synthetic beats which both open and close the song are interesting to listen to upon first hearing the tune and hypnotic when the listener playing it over and over. The creative use of foreground and background noise makes the song multi-layered and intriguing to listen to; the listener can easily catch something new after every listen.

“You're the smooth and I'm the shine / We're the neon dancing all night / Denim and rhinestones You're the cool and I'm the fire / No, we're never going out of style.”

As one of country music’s biggest stars, it’s no surprise that Carrie Underwood’s latest single is making waves in the music world. Whether you know her from American Idol or any of her other hits, it’s certain that “Denim & Rhinestones” will join the ranks as one of Underwood’s greatest successes.

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