Cody Johnson ‘Human: The Double Album’ Review

Cody Johnson is at it again. For the past few months, he has been teasing his audience with the releases of “Driveway”, “Let’s Build A Fire”, “Treasure”, and “Son Of A Ramblin’ Man”. All of which can be found on the collection he released today, October 8th, 2021, titled, Human: The Double Album.

The first song in the project is titled “Human”. With this track, Johnson sets the tone of the collection. He opens up about how he got to where he is and how he’s human. It sets up the rest of the album well and it prepares the audience for the emotions to come on the following tracks. This project is something quite special. Johnson takes his audience on a range of human emotions through relatable experiences. There are feel-good, can’t-help-but-move- tracks such as “Honky Tonk Hardwood Floors”, and “Known For Lovin’ You”. With upbeat instrumentation and Johnson’s smooth as butter voice, these tracks will get everybody moving. Johnson will crush your heart and make your eyes well up with several slower ballads. He shows his vulnerable side with “Sad Songs and Waltzes (with Willie Nelson)”, “God Bless The Boy (Cori’s Song)”, “I Always Wanted To”, “Made A Home”, and “When It Comes To You’.

The second part of the collection begins with “I Don’t Know A Thing About Love”. Johnson makes sure he’s got his fan’s attention with this vibey track that pulls you right in from the first measure. Throughout the double album, there are strategically placed uplifting songs such as, “‘Til You Can’t”, “Stronger”, and “By Your Grace”. Johnson even enhanced the collection with a hilarious comedic relief track titled “Cowboy Scale 1 To 10. Johnson’s voice, familiar and strong shows emotion and conviction. This collection shines brightly on his talent and artistry. His songs are so much more than just tracks.

The audience can feel his heart and soul in every song on this double album. He achieved this all while staying true to those classic country instruments such as the fiddle, steel guitar, twangy electric, and banjo. Johnson takes listeners on an emotional trip with no instrument out of place, and harmonies complimenting his large, powerful voice. This incredible collection is a piece of art from beginning to end and will leave fans remembering exactly what makes them “Human”.

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