Cody Johnson “Let’s Build A Fire” & “Driveway” Song Review

Singer/ Songwriter, Cody Johnson, released two new tracks today, August 6th, 2021, “Let’s Build A Fire” and “Driveway”.

His track “Let’s Build A Fire” is quite the jam from the first measure of the intro. Johnson’s strong, warm, masculine vocals ring out with instrumentation complementing every line. With just enough twang, Johnson takes listeners on a trip down an old dirt road that leads right up to the middle of a cleared field.

A vision of a pile of wood ready for some diesel to be poured right on top will catch a flame just as quickly as this song will catch your ear. This feel-good country track will have you getting down to the perfectly placed solo, followed by a breakdown. It’ll be hard to follow this track with anything else because Johnson will have you singing along and feeling right. Between the strong kick, banjo plucking, guitar solos, breakdown, and a fiddle shred, “Y’all better back up,” because Cody Johnson and his team build one fire of a track.

The second track released, “Driveway” is a ballad in all the best ways. Johnson paints the scene, each line adding another stroke of detail to the masterpiece. He brings in a southern blues writing scheme following the pattern AABA with the lyrics, “I see a long wooden fence, to the tall hickory tree. A dog on the porch slowly falling asleep. We don’t get to choose but if I had my way, my road to the sky would look just like a walk up the driveway”.

The warm, vibey electric guitar brings in a beautiful melody adding a heavenly feel while the third section of the song varies just slightly from the other three. By the end of the track, the listener is hooked envisioning their version of a walk up the “Driveway.”

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