Colby Acuff 'Honky Tonk Heaven' Album Review

Colby Acuff released his third album, Honky Tonk Heaven, featuring nine tracks that have a strong honky tonk feel. After a series of obstacles arising during his first album, Life of a Rolling Stone, released in 2020, Acuff has doubled down on his hard work and launched himself from a struggling, independent artist, to a thriving singer-songwriter about to embark on his second national tour.

The title track, “Honky Tonk Heaven,” exemplifies the storytelling that Acuff puts in every song on the album. It has an upbeat rhythm perfect for listening to in a Nashville bar. It has a feel that makes you want to go downtown for a night of dancing as he exclaims, “Honky tonk heaven is what I need / Grab that girl and spin her around.” He shows his appreciation for country style with this song and establishes himself as a country boy.

When discussing the album, Acuff said in a press release “Honky Tonk Heaven is a little different than the projects we have done in the past but it's an album I've always wanted to do. I wanted the album to highlight the band and what we bring to the stage every night. The album is full of more traditional country tunes as well as some great honky tonk tracks." His goal was achieved, as the album brings listeners a newfound appreciation for not just Acuff but his band as well.

“Bad Day to be a Beer'' takes on a more lighthearted tone while still showing off Acuff’s ability to tell a good story. It tells the narrative of a man that just wants to relax and take the edge off with a cold beer. He sings, “Cause I got my old friend Miller Lite / It will help me feel alright tonight / And my new best friend named easy chair.” The track has a relatable sound that makes the listener want to dance along to the upbeat tune.

The album serves well as a prelude to Acuff’s national tour, beginning June 9th in Post Falls, Idaho. With a healthy mix of slow and upbeat songs, all showcasing his songwriting and storytelling skills, the record has something for every country fan.

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