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Cole Swindell “I’m Gonna Let Her” Song Review

With all the chaos and uncertainty that the new year brings, it’s easy to see why many listeners crave slower and calmer songs that are just about appreciating the people around them. If you’re looking for an impactful listen, look no further than Cole Swindell’s “I’m Gonna Let Her.” Released February 4th, the singer’s first song of 2022 comes just in time for the winter season and offers an escape for anyone who has ever loved or been loved.

The smooth and slow combination of the guitar and the drums allow for an easy listening experience. The progressive melodies are soothing to the ears in a way that allows the listeners to truly connect to the lyrics of the song. With lyrics concerning loving someone unconditionally, especially their quirks, “I’m Gonna Let Her” gives us a glimpse into the thoughts and experiences of Swindell himself as he recounts the things he loves about the subject of the song.

“She gonna leave her earrings by the sink / She gonna steal my kiss, my heart, my drink / She gonna sleep with my t-shirt on / Get me missin’ her when she’s gone.”

This song will appear on Swindell’s upcoming album, Stereotype, which will also feature his other songs, “Never Say Never,” “SIngle Saturday Night,” and “Some Habits.” “I’m Gonna Let Her” packs a punch, and contrasts greatly to the other pre-releases, as a slower and more serious song about love. Stereotype is set to be released on April 8th and includes 13 songs in total.

Stereotype by Cole Swindell