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Corey Kent 'Blacktop' Album Review

Fans of country music may know Corey Kent from his breakout single, “Wild As Her,” which rose to number one on the country radio charts. Kent made is now releasing his album, Blacktop. While this album may have Kent’s name on it, a star-studded cast came together to make it all possible. The 10-track album was created by Kent and other writers like Morgan Wallen, Ryan Hurd, Kelly Archer, Lydia Vaughan, and more.

The first new track on the album, following “Wild As Her,” is “Long Story Short.” In this song,

Kent tries his hand at telling the story of a breakup while acknowledging that these stories are often too rich to tell in detail. Kent gives us a bulleted list of what could have been. He sings, “It could’ve been love, but it ain’t no more / We could’ve been head in the clouds, instead of out in this storm/ But when you broke my heart and you slammed that door / Yeah, you went and cut what could’ve been a life long story short/ Long story short.”

Kent gets vulnerable with the 4th track, “Man Of The House.” In this heartfelt tune, Kent

describes the process of growing up too quickly. The Oklahoma native opens up about his

experience growing up without a father figure, and attempting to fill his shoes. Kent exclaims, “So hide those shakin’ hands / Be a rock when you feel like sand / It turns out all I was back then is all that I am now / Just a boy trying to be the man of the house.”

The album closes with style. The 10th and possibly most impressive track is “Once Or Twice.” With a swinging guitar melody and dynamic vocals, Kent delivers an outstanding performance with the songwriting chops to back it up. “Once Or Twice” shows how trouble and suffering can lead to wisdom and experience. At the same time, Kent admits he is not perfect and embraces the flawed nature of humanity. He gives listeners a glimpse of what he has been through with lines, “I've never looked for trouble / Bu