Country Music Showdown: Erin Kinsey vs. Amanda Kate

Rising country music star and Texas native Erin Kinsey gained recognition when her first single “Drunk Too” went viral on TikTok. Another flourishing singer-songwriter from Texas, Amanda Kate, has continued creating projects that blend her experiences as a former member of The Country Club Band and as a solo artist. When put against each other in a fun game of trivia, who will win our County Music Showdown?

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During the first segment, Kinsey and Kate rapidly replied to several country trivia questions. For one question, they were asked to name Miranda Lambert’s debut album. Kinsey quickly responded Kerosene and remarked, “It’s one (album) I come back to often” because it reminds her of her Texas roots. Of the five trivia questions, Kate answered three correctly, taking the lead for the first section.

For the second round, Kinsey and Kate were given the name of a song and were asked to name the artist(s). Again, both very quickly replied to the questions. Kinsey got three correct this round, and the two tied with each having five total points.

During the final section of Country Showdown, “Finish the Lyric,” the two were neck-and-neck all the way until the end. After completing a verse from “Neon Moon” by Brooks & Dunn, Kate shared that she recently made a video of her four-year-old daughter singing the song and Ronnie Dunn commented on it. Ultimately, Kinsey finished one point ahead of Kate, becoming the winner of this edition of Country Music Showdown.

Kinsey released her single “Hate This Hometown” and Kate released her self-titled EP on December 3rd, 2021.

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