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Country Music Stars Who Did Movie Soundtracks

The country genre is known, in part, for its ability to tell a story. Therefore, it’s no shock to find country artists scattered among the music credits for different movies. They help to direct the plot and the emotion of the scene while adding a little country flair. Here are some top country stars that have had their music featured on movie soundtracks.

1. Willie Nelson

One of the most famous musical artists to date, Willie Nelson almost transcends genre when it comes to his fame. His song, “On The Road Again” has been featured in at least a dozen movies and shows since its release. Even his lesser-known covers, such as “The Scientist” (a cover of the Coldplay song) have been featured in films. With Nelson being the artistic storyteller that he is, there is no surprise that he is so prevalent in helping to tell such a wide variety of stories, from comedies like South Park to dramas like The Judge.

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2. Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw is best known for his rugged, country persona, and his music reflects that. Though he is a widely adored country figure, he is rarely described as “adorable.” He contradicted this reputation by being one of the main vocals on the soundtrack for Disney’s animated film, Home On The Range, released in 2004. It showed another side of McGraw as he performed music that would appeal to a much younger generation. His storytelling seems to run in the family as well, as he and his wife, Faith Hill, have a daughter that is becoming a famed actress.

3. Faith Hill

Even before her marriage to Tim McGraw, Hill was well on her way to fame. This was only improved by the release of the song, “Where Are You Christmas,” which was featured on the soundtrack for The Grinch (2000). It also peaked at 26 on the Billboard Country Charts. A fan-favorite film in country music is The Shack, for which Hill and McGraw recorded their song, “Keep Your Eyes On Me.” Their love is evident in this song, and Hill’s skill is prominent in every lyric.

4. Lady A

Since the group’s formation, Lady A has risen to fame for its powerful sound and a notable talent. Their music has been used in dozens of movies, but one of the most notable was the first song they wrote specifically for a movie soundtrack, “I Did With You.” The song was written for the film, The Best of Me, which was released in 2014. Their song “Falling For You” is featured on the soundtrack as well.

5. Dolly Parton

This list would not be complete without Dolly Parton. Her hit single, “9 to 5,” is still popular over 40 years later. It was the title song from the film, 9 to 5, and even inspired a hit Broadway musical by the same name, for which Parton wrote all of the music and lyrics. She also wrote and sang most of the songs for the hit movie Dumplin’ which was released in 2018. Those two major films, among many others, just add to the list of Parton’s many talents.

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