Dylan Scott “New Truck” Song Review

Curb Records recording artist Dylan Scott made the right choice in following his father’s footsteps to Nashville in hopes to fulfill his dreams. Ever since he did, the Louisiana native has been on a non-stop train of success. He is currently on the Proud To Be Right Here tour with country superstar Luke Bryan and his most recent single “Nobody” hit #1 at Country radio, making that his second #1 song. Keeping the excitement going for both fans and himself, Scott released his highly-anticipated new single today, Friday, July, 23rd, titled “New Truck.”

This up-tempo single written by Hardy, Hunter Phillips, Ashley Gorley, and Ben Johnson intermingles two very popular topics often sung about in country music, trucks, and breakups. In our exclusive interview with Scott, he told us that when he was sent the song, ironically he was in his truck and as he was listening to it, he appreciated that it was not the typical breakup song, but still, one that people can find themselves relating to. “It’s just a different song. It is a song about a truck, but it’s not, it’s about a breakup. I was listening to it going man I think we’ve all been there before.”

When going through a breakup or trying to get over one, you can always rely on country music to put your feelings into words better than you could have yourself. Scott’s powerful delivery and storytelling helps in getting the message across that whatever steps you need to take during the healing process of a broken heart, even if that means buying a new truck, regardless of the fact that the one you have has nothing wrong with it besides the memory of that washed away special someone, that is perfectly okay.

“I was gonna drive it till the wheels fell off / Yeah that was before she slammed the door / Said it’s over then got lost / I need one she ain’t climbed up in / That ain’t played her favorite songs / Need some glass that we ain’t fogged up that her bare feet ain’t been on / I need a hood that we ain’t laid on kissing till that sun came up / That’s all that’s wrong with this one If you’re looking you’re in luck/ I need a new truck.”

Hard work and dedication have earned Scott the title of the total package. His excitement for this new release has been contagious and he keeps fans on their toes about what he’ll do next.

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