Eli Young Band 'Love Talking' Album Review

The Eli Young band is back with a brand new album. Love Talking is the band's seventh studio album and features the No. 1 single “Love Ain’t.”

The band comprised of Mike Eli, James Young, Chris Thompson, and Jon Jones met while

attending the University of North Texas. They released their self-titled debut album in 2002 and have been writing and touring together ever since. The band has garnered hit songs that include, “Even When It Breaks Your Heart,” “Drunk Last Night,” and “Crazy Girl.”

The title track “Love Talking” sets the tone for the rest of the album. The melody feels familiar for the band while still sounding like uncharted territory. It describes what happens when emotions act quicker than thoughts. Listening to the heart rather than the head, but still being okay with that. The acoustic version is also featured on the record which furthers the message even deeper.

“Chances Are” is about the complicated dance between two people who are trying to figure out where they stand with one another. The band exclaims, “If you’re wondering what the chances are of missing you too / If it’s liquor that you’re drinking, chances are I’m drinking thinking about you.”

“Tell Me It Is” also speaks to the more vulnerable side of the group’s music. It's actually a favorite of Eli for its message that alludes to trying times.

The album wraps with the track “A Good Thing.” This song, like the album, comes at the perfect time. When Eli sings, “I know it seems like real bad timing / It’s getting tough to find a silver lining / But on the side of the clouds the sun is shining / Just wait and see,” he points out that things always get better. There is a deep sense of positivity on this record, even when some of the songs are about life’s turbulent directions. There really is a track for any emotion on the record.

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