Exclusive Premiere: Brooke Moriber “This Town Made Us” Lyric Video

Premiering exclusively today, Reviver Records Brooke Moriber shares a special lyric video for her song “This Town Made Us” which shows incredible images of her two hometowns, New York and Nashville. Written alongside Nashville’s Bill DiLuigi and New York based singer-songwriter, Cassandra Kubinski, “This Town Made Us” is a song about hometown pride and resilience written in the aftermath of the 2020 tornado that tore through Nashville as well as the pandemic which deeply affected both Nashville and New York City.

“Both of my hometowns were (and still are) so strong and determined to recover. Nashville strong, New York tough — ‘Straight up from the dust, steady risers’. We are the definition of resilient. You tear us down, we build it back better and stronger. I wrote this song for my two hometowns and anyone from anywhere who feels proud of where they come from and shaped by their roots,” Moriber says.

Watch the full video below and be sure to read our Nash New Artist interview with Brooke Moriber here.

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