Exclusive Premiere: the Music Video for Wild Fire's "Like Home" Featuring Honey County

Premiering exclusively today on The Nash News, sister duo Wild Fire shares the music video for their song "Like Home" featuring fellow female duo Honey County.

Watch the full video below!

"Like Home" is a song with deep meaning and storytelling that we all enjoy in country music. It was written about a long-distance relationship that Kayla went through and the trials and tribulations that come out of that experience. It all ends up being worth it when you get to hold that special person in your arms. In this particular relationship, the guy was from a small Texas town and was one of the star athletes at his high school.

The lyrics convey the idea that long-distance relationships are a struggle. People really have to decide if they want to stay together when they are hundreds or thousands of miles apart. Being apart can be very difficult, but goodbyes are temporary as the lyrics point out. With hard work and perseverance, these relationships can work out. When the timing is right, you can be together. Until that time, there are little reminders to keep each other close such as pictures, clothing, places you have been together, and much more.

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