Gary Allan ‘Ruthless’ Album Review

After topping the all-genre Billboard 200 with his last album, country star Gary Allan marks his return to the spotlight with his new album, Ruthless, released everywhere today, June 25th. This long-awaited 13 track project, produced by Allan himself along with Mark Wright, Tony Brown, Greg Droman, and Joy Joyce might just gain the title of Allan’s best project yet. From the stellar instrumentation to the captivating melodies and lyrics produced in each individual song, the release of Ruthless is sure to help Allan continue to win over fans.

It took numerous back and forth trips to the studio for Allan to narrow down what exactly he wanted on the record. Kicking off the album with the lead track “Temptation”, which fans actually got the chance at a first listen to during a special live stream appearance, perfectly lays out the mood and messages for the songs that follow, allowing listeners to engage in what’s to come.

As you listen to “Waste Of A Whiskey Drink” written by Josh Kear, Michael Hardy, and Mark Holman, although it might remind you of past experiences, it also leaves you with advice for ones that may take place in the future. Don’t waste your time, effort, or money on someone before you know if they’re deserving of it or not. This isn’t the only song on the album that gives valuable advice. “What I Can’t Talk About” written by Jim Beavers, Lindsay Rimes, and Matt Rogers reflects upon the very important role music plays in people’s lives, and may influence you to go about handling hard times in a way you never thought to before. “I need to climb inside a song, when life goes wrong / that’s why I sing about, What I can’t talk about / Sometimes a melody is the only thing that knows what I’m feeling.” 

The ‘80s and ‘90s have left an everlasting impact on Allan, playing a prodigious role in the making of this project. “It’s what I love.” said Allan in a press release. Ruthless is certainly going to leave an everlasting impact on fans, as it allows for them to close their eyes and feel as if they’re living through what is being conveyed in the songs. “Till It Felt Like You” along with “Pretty Damn Close” take delicate lyrics and form them into heartfelt stories.  

Allan has previously been described as “soulful and rough around the edges”. If fans had trouble grasping the meaning of that label attached to his name, Ruthless can without a doubt give them a better understanding.

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