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Jelly Roll Releases "she" to Bring Awareness to Addiction Crisis

Country artist Jelly Roll has released a commanding new track titled "she" that aims to raise awareness of the addiction crisis.

Jelly Roll is no stranger to discussing his past. The singer-songwriter is a reformed drug dealer who had been previously incarcerated. Now, he has a rising track on the country radio charts with "Son Of A Sinner."

There's nothing quite better in country music than a "story" song, and that's exactly what "she" presents listeners with. It tells a detailed tale about a woman slipping into addiction and Jelly Roll presents the outside perspective of watching the woman's tragic struggle. One of his most poignant releases yet, the second verse perfectly captures the fear and terror that comes with a loved one struggling with drugs. He sings, "I don’t wanna say goodbye / But she can't get herself to stop / I know that it’ll take some time / But I'm scared that might be something that we don't got."