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Jesse James Decker and Billy Currington "I Still Love You" Song Review

Jesse James Decker and Billy Currington created a collaboration fit for singer's with the experience they both carry. "I Still Love You" is bound to leave fans feeling like they too should call a former flame.

Decker is no stranger to a an action-packed career. Decker is currently starring on this season of Dancing With The Stars as well as releasing new music. Her recent release "Growing Young With You" has already made an impact on TikTok. Currington has several hit songs to his name as he always manages to bring his smooth voice to the forefront. Together, these stars find a way to harmonize as if they have sung beside each other for years.

"I Still Love You" goes through the emotions that come with a back-and-forth kind of relationship. Even when the lows seem longer than the highs, they sing about still loving the other person. As the chorus sounds, "I hate that cracked screen phone you're not picking up, hate the way midnight keeps kicking up , memories like a maze I can't get through, but I still love you," it's easy to get caught up in the frustration that comes with still holding on.