Jon Langston “Back Words” Song Review

On February 25th, Jon Langston released his new single “Back Words.” It will officially impact country music radio stations on March 14th.

After kicking off his musical career in 2013 with his first song “Forever Girl,” Langston has continued to excite with his new releases. He has accumulated over 500 million streams since then and is currently on his ‘All Good Out Here Tour.’

The title of this song is a play-on-words; the clever lyricism was penned by Ross Copperman, Jon Nite, and HARDY.  As the narrative progresses, Langston details the regret from breaking up with someone too early by ruminating, “If only time moved backwards, backwards.”

"Back Words" by Jon Langston

The end of the chorus clearly completes the wordplay: “Should’ve pinned my tongue and held you in my arms / Now it’s said and done / No matter how hard I try, baby, try / Baby I, I can’t take back words.”

As Langston belts out this sorrowful narrative, one hears the pain associated with remorse not only within the context of the lyrics but also his gritty vocals. The magnetic quality of Langston’s performance makes “Back Words” a great listen.

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