Jon Langston “Try Missing You” Song Review

Georgia native and EMI Records Nashville’s Jon Langston grew up playing football and enjoying songs by Alan Jackson and the Eagles, people he looks up to as his heroes. His mindset always was that football would be a major part of his life forever, landing a Division 1 college scholarship for it. After suffering through six concussions, Langston’s career as a football player had come to an end, but his music career had only just begun. Shortly after re-teaching himself how to play the guitar that he hadn’t laid a hand on since middle school and continuing to better himself as a songwriter, he released his self-penned song “Forever Girl”, getting his name out across the country. Ever since that, his music remains topping charts and capturing fans’ attention.

Langston released his heartfelt new song “Try Missing You” on Friday, July 9th. His excitement and love for this track have not been left unnoticed. “It shows my heart and who I am. This song is my baby and I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to release it. It’s my favorite song I’ve ever released by far!” says Langston in a press release.

“Try Missing You” was said to be more than just a song to the dedicated artist, and with how powerful the desperation behind his voice is, it won’t take long for fans to feel so strongly about it too. Beautifully written by Langston and Jody Stevens, the lyrics were designed to seamlessly tell the story of what it’s like to keep moving forward to follow a dream, regardless of who and what you are leaving behind.

“Gotta go, another show / A long road ahead / I’m waking up in another town / In a lonely hotel bed / Baby it ain’t easy / Loving you and chasing dreams / Well if it weren’t for you honey / I wouldn’t have a song to sing”

Jon Langston

The singer-songwriter allows fans to feel his puzzling emotions as he sings about being stuck in the middle of aspiration and isolation while pursuing his dreams.

“I don’t know where I’m gonna be tomorrow / Truth is I’m a little lost right now / The smoke and whiskey, it don’t fix me / Like you always do / If you think you’re missing me, try missing you.”

Langston is currently touring the country and we can’t wait to hear “Try Missing You” live for the first time. For a full list of tour dates and ticket information, visit

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