Kailey Nicole "Casamigos" Song Review

Upcoming country music artist Kailey Nicole has just released her new single, titled

“Casamigos.” This Las Vegas native has had her foot in many aspects of the entertainment industry, starring in both films and shows. However, it is clear that she has found her calling within the world of music.

Following the release of her single “She Gone” in March, this new single has less to do about the feeling of love between two individuals, but rather the feeling of love one feels towards themselves.

The song begins with a variant of strumming from guitars that range from acoustic to bass. Such an instrumental eases listeners into the song and sets the tone for the powerful lyrics that follow. Everyone wants love, but sometimes we throw ourselves into the flame before the other party even realizes that the flame exists. This is how one gets burned. Kailey Nicole uses this feeling to describe the role which the infamous Casamigos Tequila plays following such an emotional injury.

In the chorus, she sings, “Casamigos / Been so good for my ego / It’s the only drink that takes me up / Salt and a lime of burning love." Such a statement is one that many can empathize with. After those long and tiring days, and feeling down and damaged, there is nothing like a Casamigos beverage to return your ego from the depths of such anguish. The poetry found in this song is one that listeners will find themselves in while listening as the metaphors deliver a relatable notion.

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