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Kelsea Ballerini Performs at Musikfest

After two and a half years of aiming to make a performance at Musikfest happen, country singer-songwriter Kelsea Ballerini finally took the stage on Thursday, August 11th at the music festival in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

She kicked off the show with a strut to the center of the stage before singing the opening lines to "Miss Me More," a kick-ass anthem for those post-breakup emotions. While performing Ballerini exudes confidence and power, and the crowd fed off of her energy.

Before she went into "half of my hometown," her collaboration with Kenny Chesney, and her latest number one on country radio, Ballerini spoke about putting out a record in March of 2020: right at the start of COVID's reign of terror. She spoke sarcastically stating, "Great timing." She noted how she was worried the songs might not reach people during such a turbulent time, but this song specifically proved her wrong. The performance was moving as the audience sang along to every word.