Larry Fleet ‘Stack of Records’ Album Review

Larry Fleet, Big Loud Records recording artist just dropped Stack of Records, a cohesive, picturesque album of classic country tunes.

A songwriter through and through, Fleet is a co-writer on all fourteen tracks, something he is proud of. The album also features some of the top writers in Nashville Chris Gelbuda, Brett James, Brad, and Brett Warren, Lindsay Rimes, and more.

The project opens with Fleet summing up the influence that music has had on him with the title track, “Stack of Records”. Country, soul, and rock n’ roll mix them all together and that truly is what you are going to hear. His gritty voice draws you in while he name-drops the songs that have made an impact on him such as “Midnight Train To Georgia”, “When You Say Nothing At All” and “Dock of the Bay”.

His breakout track, “Where I Find God” was a proper introduction to the faith-filled singer-songwriter. “What I’ve learned from this song, I’ve always been drawn to that, I love gospel music,” Fleet says in our exclusive interview. “I hope “Where I Find God” becomes a number one song but if don’t, it’s changed a lot of lives, so as a songwriter and a singer, that should be your goal, not to just try and get a number one hit, but to do some good.” The beautiful storytelling song highlights the mundane yet special moments where you can sit back and realize God is there with you.

Whether it’s “Lifetime Guarantee” or “Life Worth Living” which are reflective of a simple, hardworking man’s story or “Different Shade of Red” or “Never Want to Meet Another Woman” which are true-blue love songs – Fleet has a unique way of profound way of expressing these plot lines. Honest and vulnerable storytelling laid over steel guitar, harmonica, and a classic country sound Larry Fleet has given fans a new record to play top to bottom, highlighting his incredible talent.

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