Lauren Alaina “If the World was a Small Town” Song Review

Multi-platinum singer-songwriter Lauren Alaina grew up in the small town of Rossville, Georgia. Alaina now calls Music City home and has been a very busy country music artist for the last decade. After being the runner-up on American Idol in 2011, she’s released chart-topping country music hits and wowed viewers on Dancing With the Stars. Alaina is always working and has thrilled her fans with the release of a brand new song on June 18th titled “If the World was a Small Town.” 

Alaina’s masterful and powerful voice can barely be contained by this sentimental, retrospective track. This country song is about accepting the sacrifices we make to live out our dreams, especially as an artist. At first glance, the listener feels like Alaina is longing for “what could have been.”

“Probably would’ve gone to the courthouse. Have one or two babies by now. Couple little Southern angels. You’d be putin’ that food on the table.”

But that’s only what would have happened if the whole world was a small town like the one where they were in love. Alaina pays adoring homage to the beauties of small-town living while also surrendering to being wired to want more.

In reality, where there is a world outside of small towns, she can dream of becoming a country music star and her small town alternate reality remains a cherished runner-up.

“And there was no way of you keepin’ me inside those county lines. I had to see out way past the pines.”

She has a drive to see the world and to accomplish certain goals that outweighed a future that she clearly still wonders about and knows would have been nice too. 

Lauren Alaina

“Even though we’re both in a different place now. I’d be lyin’ if I said I didn’t think about…if the world was a small town.”

The insightful lyrics of this track capture a mature sensibility to Alaina’s evolution in sound. “If the World was a Small Town” has a fun chorus and beautifully highlights how you can love something and still have to let it go. 

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