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Lee Brice Discusses Hits “One Of Them Girls” and “Memory I Don’t Mess With”

After releasing some of his biggest hits during the thick of the pandemic. Singer-songwriter Lee Brice discussed his radio sensations, “One Of Them Girls” and “Memory I Don’t Mess With” at his double number one party.

“One Of Them Girls” was one of the biggest country songs in 2020. The track had a viral moment on TikTok and became Brice’s highest-charting single on the Billboard Hot 100. It was also the lead single to his fifth studio album Hey World.

The hit also won the title of Country Song of the Year at the annual country music awards held by SESAC, BMI, and ASCAP: three performing right organizations. It was the first time in history a song achieved this impressive feat. Brice describes the nod as, “Surreal.” He adds, “It really is a big thing, a cool milestone. Just a number one is a big deal to all of us and a really big deal to me because I’m so appreciative of the people I’m able to be around and be friends with and have been for a long time.”

“One Of Them Girls,” written by Brice alongside Ashley Gorley, Ben Johnson, and Dallas Davidson, came together quickly. Brice got the idea in the middle of the night and wrote with the others until it was finished. He recorded it in the studio the next day. It’s fellow number one, “Memory I Don’t Mess With,” had a completely different path. Brice spoke on the track sharing, “Every now and then, there’s a gut feeling of something that you’re like, ‘This is, without a doubt, special.’” He was with songwriter Brian Davis who had sung the catchy beginning lines of the chorus. They paused, wrote the whole chorus, and then Brice let it sit while he finished making the entirety of the He