Lily Rose “Overnight Sensation” Song Review

Lily Rose embraces her true self in her new autobiographical song “Overnight Sensation” available everywhere you buy or stream music now (April 30th)

“Overnight Sensation” was written by Rose, Matt Morrisey, and Lauren Hungate. The lyrics seem to tell her story, as she’s famously known for the Tiktok virality of her debut single “Villain”, which catapulted her career by landing her a record deal and airplay on Country radio; however, the song was actually written in 2019. While it seems like Rose manifested her success, it’s no surprise that her authentic songwriting and smooth vocals are resonating with fans. 

“After all of the booze and tears and patience, I’m an overnight sensation, thirteen years in the making”

The stripped back production is paired perfectly with Rose’s soothing vocals to deliver a captivating story. Her willingness to be vulnerable in her songwriting sets her apart from others. This song shares a fresh and relatable perspective about hard-work, careers, self-doubt, nostalgia and wanting to make your parents proud. 

Lily Rose

In Rose’s most recent YouTube video “This Is Lily Rose” (below) she calls her co-writer and producer Matt Morrisey her “musical soulmate” and talks about falling in love with Country Music through her radio, naming Lady A and Luke Bryan as early influences. It’s evident that she has sought out to only be true to herself with all future releases and we’re looking forward to it.

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