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Little Big Town 'Mr. Sun' Album Review

Little Big Town has become one of country music's most recognizable acts. They look to add to their impressive catalog with the release of their new album Mr. Sun.

The band released a few of the tracks prior to the album coming out. "All Summer" is a groovy anthem that feels just right for the season. The spirited "Hell Yeah" showcases the group's harmonies as well as their easy-going nature and"Rich Man" brought Jimi Westbrook's writing on full display: the track further fueling the depth in which the group relies to connect with their audience.

Throughout the record, there is a timeless quality that the group is able to gift. "Gold" is full of 70s elements such as rock, folk, and pop-country that many singers at the time made famous. Once people hear the upbeat track, it'll be hard to listen just once. "Heaven Had Dance Floor" sees Kimberly Schlapman take the lead vocals. The lyrics feel like an ode to the days of disco. "Holding on and wishing underneath the lights / You and me together swaying back and forth / We could stay forever if heaven had a dance floor."