Luke Bryan “Songs You Never Heard” Song Review

Capitol Nashville country superstar Luke Bryan was born in Leesburg, Georgia and his first ten albums included 23 number 1 hits. He is one of the best-selling music artists in the world with over 75 million records sold and was named “Entertainer of The Year” by both the Country Music Association and the Academy of Country Music in 2013. Bryan’s fame as a country music star sky-rocketed when he became a judge on American Idol in 2018. Bryan dropped an emotional new song on August 6th titled “Songs You Never Heard.”

Bryan had planned to move to Nashville at age 19 to pursue a country music career when his brother, Chris, was suddenly killed in a car accident in 1996. This tragedy derailed Bryan’s plans by a few years as he stayed home to be close to his family.  

“Songs You Never Heard” is a touching tribute to Chris and a heartfelt song that brilliantly demonstrates how grief never leaves but does evolve. It is clear by this track that Bryan will always be heartbroken over his loss but that his grief has grown with him to a place where he can affectionately honor his brother’s memory and even picture him singing along to new country music songs. 

“Killing time singing “Killin’ Time.” It was the soundtrack of our lives. Chasing girls and growing up. A lot about living, a little ‘bout love. Time marches on, there’s a lot of new music and memories we’d be drinking to. I think about it and I laugh until it hurts ‘cause I can hear you singing along to songs you never heard.”

Bryan describes his brother as an avid country music fan who would be reveling in the star’s success. He expresses a deep longing for the actual experience of having his brother around to share new memories while also celebrating how holding someone lovingly in our memories can keep them near even when they’ve gone “home.”

“You’d be a little off-key out on the road with me, high-fiving my whole band. Mama claims it but we all know you’d be my number one fan.”

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