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Luke Combs "5 Leaf Clover" Song Review

Luke Combs’ new song “5 Leaf Clover” is the perfect release for St. Patrick’s Day. His upcoming album Gettin’ Old is set to come out on March 24th. This is the fourth song that fans are receiving before the LP's official release.

The instrumentation is one of the most enticing parts of the tune. It starts with a duet between a fiddle and a guitar; this duet comes back between verses. The fiddle also comes into the chorus in the titular line, and the more fiddle the better. The instrumentation not only sets the mood for the entire track but also helps set the tone for its holiday release.

Luke Combs has always been a good storyteller, and his newest release is no exception. “Five Leaf Clover” is a tune that talks about how lucky Combs feels for the friends and family he’s surrounded by. Lines “I got a barn with a fridge full of cold beer / And on the weekend full of good friends” convey his feelings of gratitude with the traditional themes of a country song.

His voice is the perfect companion for these warm and reminiscing lyrics. His low and smooth tone really comforts the listener as his friends do him. He also