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Luke Combs "Love You Anyway" Song Review

Luke Combs is a country singer, songwriter, and bonafide superstar. Combs released his latest single, “Love You Anyway” on February 10th and it's safe to say this singer has another hit on his hands. This hybrid of raw country and love ballad comes just in time for Valentine's Day. “Love You Anyway” follows the just-released "Growin' Up and Gettin' Old" and will be one of the 18 songs on his next album, Gettin’ Old, set to be released March 24th, 2023.

The Charlotte native became an overnight sensation, whose impact on the country music scene has been unparalleled. His first hit came out of the blue in 2016 when “Hurricane” hit number 1 on the Billboard Country Music charts. This was followed by four consecutive hits: “When it Rains it Pours," “One Number Away," “She Got the Best of Me," and “Beautiful Crazy." Combs isn't just a hit on the charts, he’s a fan favorite. Everything he touches turns to gold, and his latest single is sure to be no exception.

“Love You Anyway” is a beautiful listen. The melody is satisfying and provokes emotion, but where Combs’ latest single sets itself apart, is in the masterful writing. This song is a profession of a love so great, it withstands even heartbreak. He exclaims, “There's just some things that leave a man no choice / Like a compass needle needing it's true north / Even if I knew, the day we met, you'd be the reason this heart breaks / I’d love you anyway.”

In a sea of love songs on country radio, Combs brings us all up for air with this ballad that feels more like poetry than country.

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