Maren Morris “Circles Around This Town” Song Review

Maren Morris is back with the release of her new single “Circles Around This Town” available everywhere you buy or stream music today, January 7, 2022. Morris kept a relatively low profile on the release front in 2021 but still delivered a few notable collaborations to tide fans over until the release of her new solo music. Most notable were her collaborations with her husband Ryan Hurd (“Chasing After You”) which hit the top of the charts, a song with JP Saxe (“Line by Line”), and vocal contributions to tracks from John Mayer (“Last Train Home”) and Taylor Swift (“You All Over Me”).

Morris began to tease new music in December 2021 with a short video on Instagram which looks to be like a quick snippet from the music video for the new single. However, she officially announced the release on Monday and tagged multiple big-name collaborators such as Greg Kurstin, Jimmy Robbins, and Julia Michaels.

The track starts with a pleasant country-pop introduction with Morris singing about her humble beginnings. She reminds listeners and herself that all she had at the beginning of this journey was a couple of demos, the deposit for her apartment, and a massive dream. She chronicles the obstacles along the way and reminisces on her initial successes singing, “Hadn’t heard the sound of a door slam yet / Thank God I was an optimist.” “Couple hundred songs and the ones that finally worked was the one about a car and the one about a church.”

Circles Around This Town by Maren Morris

In the chorus, Morris sings about how she wanted to say something with meaning. The hook of “driving circles around this town” represents her unnerving grit and determination to make her dreams a reality. Morris has created a relatable masterpiece for anyone who took a big risk in life, whether that’s chasing your dreams, pursuing higher education, changing careers, or any big scenario. One of the most inspiring things about the single is even though she has had an incredible career so far, she is still driving circles around this town,  still on board with her original mission of making real music for real people, which is admirable and proves her authenticity.

“Circles Around This Town” definitely sounds like a smash hit, it could even be one of the biggest hits of 2022. Either way, this next year and chapter are just getting started and fans should be expecting much more from Morris in the coming months. She already has live shows scheduled for the Houston Rodeo, Stagecoach, and Hangout Fest.

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