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Maren Morris "Nervous" Song Review

Superstar Maren Morris released a new track “Nervous” off of her forthcoming album on Friday, March 11th. Humble Quest will be out on March 25th and will be Morris’s third studio


Morris has already shown fans a peak of what is to come on her highly anticipated new LP.

“Circles Around This Town” is the lead single that details how she was able to find her way through the music business. The other single fans have gotten to hear is “Background Music” that further demonstrates the singer’s growth. The Texas native said described her new music as “my rises, my overshares, my lullabies, my wine-soaked conversations with a dear friend, and my final goodbye to one.” Morris has always given her fans an honest look into her world, and that’s what everyone can continue to expect.

“Nervous” is self-realization and examination in the form of a song. The opening of the track gives an uneasy feeling, much like the title suggests. As the song continues, the chord progression leads into a rock-inspired