Matt Stell “Boyfriend Season” Song Review

Matt Stell released his latest single titled “Boyfriend Season” on Friday, October 8th. This single follows previous releases “That Ain’t Me No More” and “Better Than That.” The rising star doesn’t seem to let his busy touring schedule stop him from releasing more new music.

The Arkansas native is considered to be one of the brightest up-and-coming artists in Nashville today. Stell rose to fame with his No. 1 song “Prayed For You,” which became a favorite for many couples when it was released in 2019. His EP Everywhere But On also became platinum-certified. Stell prides himself on not being a one-dimensional artist. His take on country-rock and country-pop offers something to everyone.

“Boyfriend Season” is an empathetic song about hiding from the truth of a breakup. The lyrics are about telling yourself and your friends that everything happened on your terms. “Tell em’ everything happens for a reason, so you don’t have to own this broken heart, mix another white lie with another red wine. Tell yourself every time you try to close your eyes that you’re gonna find somebody better, girl whatever helps you sleep at night.” Stell is suggesting that being single is what’s best and brushing off the true feelings, when in reality it is utter heartache being felt after losing someone special.

Radio suits Stell’s voice and style, and this single is no exception. The catchy hooks and guitar filled production have become synonymous with the singer-songwriter. This song in particular offers a narrative that is both fresh and familiar in country music. It’s relatable as Stell sings, “When you’re running out of ways to forget me, and the lights and the night just ain’t enough.” We can all look for distractions when dealing with a broken heart, but running from the truth will catch up sooner or later.

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