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Megan Moroney 'Pistol Made of Roses' EP Review

Since releasing her debut single, “Wonder,” Megan Moroney has been building her career in many different ways. From creating a presence on TikTok to performing at CMA Fest, Moroney is nonstop with making her brand known. The most recent step of this process is releasing her first EP, Pistol Made of Roses.

The first track on the EP, “I Love Me,” is a feminist anthem. The song has a great vibe from the first note and the lyrics just add to the splendor of the song. Its empowering tone makes the listener want to put the song on repeat for an hour. Moroney sings confidently, “You can try to go and change me / But this fire that my mama gave me keeps me lighting things up.” It’s an amazing start to a phenomenal introductory project.

No country EP would be complete without a great love song, and Moroney delivers.“Til It All Goes South” is a tune about committing through hard times in a relationship. With lyrics sure to make an audience release a lovesick sigh, this track is a future crowd favorite. It also sets a standard for romance. “You grab my hand / Look at me / And said ‘Who let you get so pretty?’” Moroney’s songwriting makes love a two-way street filled with balance.