Mickey Guyton, Spencer Crandall & Dolly Parton – Memorable Super Bowl Moments

Representing black women in a positive manner, Mickey Guyton elegantly and proudly sang the National Anthem preceding the Super Bowl on Sunday night. It was a moving performance, one that had Guyton’s emotional and powerful rendition electrifying the crowd. What a way to start the game!

From rising country star to becoming a Super Bowl music performer, Guyton has been blazing ahead, making her dreams come true. Dressed in a beautiful blue gown, Mickey Guyton stepped onto the football field and gave a memorable National Anthem performance. In a Twitter post, she shared a compilation video of snapshot clips that led up to the grand moment. There she expressed her gratefulness for having the honor and that her hope is for the performance to unite the country further.

Watch her performance here. 

Guyton wasn’t the only country star to appear during the televised Super Bowl; Dolly Parton, Spencer Crandall, and Willie Nelson showed up in commercials. Crandall sings viewers a romantic remainder (or rather a RAMantic RAMinder) for a RAM Trucks commercial that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. The video showed him decked out in cowboy gear as he played his guitar next to a red RAM truck covered in rose petals.

Starting a commercial by addressing a big problem in America, Parton joins the discussion on 5G phones with T-Mobile’s service. Grabbing a mobile phone from her bosom, she expresses that what is best for a phone is a good service. She reaches out to Miley Cyrus to create a song for the company. Perhaps a collab between the two artists lies in the future. The other commercial featuring a well-known country star is a comedic one where Willie Nelson announces the legalization of Sketchers – the comfiest shoes. He argues that they’re so comfortable to wear that they must have been illegal! It’s a humorous commercial that shows Nelson looking great after all these years.

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