Miranda Lambert "Actin' Up" Song Review

Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Miranda Lambert has officially released her latest single entitled "Actin’ Up" on March 10th; Lambert debuted the single for fans at the Country 2 Country Festival in London. "Actin’ Up” is the first track listed on her upcoming album Palomino, set to release later this month on April 29th.

Since the beginning of her career in 2001 with the release of her self-titled debut album, Lambert has written nine studio albums and accumulated seven number one hits. This notable country star most recently became the 2022 Academy of Country Music Entertainer of the Year.

"Actin’ Up” maintains the sassy character that Lambert is known for while simultaneously being less dramatic musically. Lyrically, Lambert makes it clear that she is all about causing some trouble, but the electric guitar and limited instrumentation add a funky, more laid-back feel to this piece. Lambert includes numerous comparisons of enjoying a new potential relationship to horseback riding, which is fitting for a track featured on an album named after horse breed. She references getting on a saddle and “riding on my pony.” The chorus continues to create a picture of a western landscape, similarly to what she did on one of her previous singles, "If I Was A Cowboy."

“I want a sunset ride, a velvet rodeo / a Colorado high, a California glow / I want to see the desert from a painted Palomino / Señorita need to have a little fun/ I’m actin’ up, I’m actin’ up.”

Mentions of other celebrities like Tiger Woods and Elvis make “Actin’ Up” even more interesting lyrically. Lambert sings, “I got my own kind of country, kind of funky,” which perfectly sums up the style of “Actin’ Up” and encapsulates the individuality of Lambert's latest musical ventures.

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