Nick Wayne feat. Abby Anderson “Lonely Might” Song Review

Nick Wayne topped off his Bourbon Neat EP by releasing his new song “Lonely Might” featuring Abby Anderson. Both Wayne and Anderson have had quite busy years professionally and in their personal lives. Both singers are newlyweds; People Magazine reported the details of both weddings earlier this year. Nick Wayne married fellow country singer Hannah Ellis back in May at Reba McEntire’s former home in Lebanon, TN, while Abby Anderson married her husband Tyler Graham in October of this year. Musically, this is one of Wayne’s multiple releases this year, while Anderson has been hard at work crafting her album and has released two tracks from the future project thus far.

This track was truly a personal and hands-on affair for Nick Wayne. He performed the song with Abby Anderson, wrote it with Justin Ebach, and produced it with Johnny Dibb. The vocal arrangement of the song is hauntingly beautiful. Wayne’s voice is uniquely paralleled by a soft guitar strum in the first verse, while Anderson’s harmonies perfectly complement Wayne’s lead vocals in the chorus. Fans will be able to hear the emotion and desperation in Wayne and Anderson’s vocal tone and delivery.

“Lonely Might” is a ballad about getting over a heartbreak. The track even alludes to potentially meeting someone new as a way to get over that heartbreak. The lyrics do a great job setting the scene and describing what this song would look like if it were happening in real-time or on a music video set. “You’re stirring your drink, counterclockwise motion / The blue in the neon matches your emotions.” The lyrics also show the vulnerability and emotion behind the song as they sing, “If the hurt don’t kill us, the lonely might.”

Moving forward, both Wayne and Anderson have big plans for 2022. Wayne teased a big 2022 on his Spotify Wrapped Instagram post where he also thanked his fans for their continued support. Anderson has been teasing the release of an album next year and has given us a taste of that with her new songs “Bad Posture” and “Insecure.”

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