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Noah Hicks, Jon Langston a Travis Denning “Drinkin’ in a College Town” Song Review

Noah Hicks, Jon Langston, and Travis Denning have teamed up for a new song titled “Drinkin’ in a College Town.” The single was released on Friday July 2nd. This trio of rising stars make a great case for a radio hit that fans will surely love.

Denning had himself a great 2020 with his song “After a Few” reaching #1 on the charts. Langston has found success with songs such as “Forever Girl,” and “All Eyes On Us.” The freshest face on this song is Hicks. Hicks moved to Nashville just last year and already signed with RED Creative Group. “I’ve been a fan of Travis and Jon since the first time I heard them years ago. It’s crazy that I get to make music with these guys now,” said Hicks in a press release.

From beginning to end, the track is filled with lyrics that bring back familiar feelings of being young. Getting together with friends, gamedays, and spring break all resonate with anyone who misses that college experience. “Like we just turned 21, spring break panama city sun.”