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Old Dominion 'Memory Lane' EP Review

Old Dominion is one of the most celebrated groups in all of country music. They are known for countless hits like “One Man Band” or “Hotel Key.” The legendary group released their latest EP, Memory Lane, on June 23rd, 2023. The collection contains six tracks along with previous releases “Memory Lane" and “Ain’t Got A Worry.”

The album opens with “I Should Have Married You,” where the iconic country group explores the complexities of timing in a relationship. The song brings up sentimental topics like letting a loved one get away. Lead singer, Matthew Ramsey, gets deep, singing, “I should have seen it through / I should have let you know / I should have said ‘I do’ / Back when I still had a chance, yeah / I should have married you.” The track features an upbeat melody that juxtaposes the mature and vulnerable themes found in the storyline. This tactic is commonly deployed by Old Dominion, exploring intense emotional themes through light and catchy melodies.

Tracks four and five share a similar, slowed-down, sound. “Love Drunk and Happy” is a testament to the writing ability of Old Dominion. With a melody that progressively builds and lyrics that set the tone perfectly, “Love Drunk and Happy” talks about being ready to go when your time finally comes. They sing, “Nothing sad, nothing sappy / When I go, I'm goin' love drunk and happy.” “Easier Said With Rum” carries a similar tune but sets itself apart completely with a unique resolution to the verses and chorus. The tune explores the mature ideas of delivering an apology and how alcohol can act as a social lubricant. Ramsey sings, “Guess it’s easier said with one / Or two, to take off the edge / I’m sorry ‘I’m sorry’ took so long to roll off my tongue / Guess it’s easier said with rum.”