On The Verge: 4 Country Releases From Indie Country Acts

As every Friday passes, there are numerous songs that come out from independent country artists whose songs are well-written, beautiful, or simply fun. We’ve compiled a list of songs that were released last week by independent acts that deserve much love and attention. Who knows, you might find your next favorite song.

1. “Somebody Will” by Christina Taylor

Christina Taylor has released her first single of 2022 titled “Somebody Will.” When she teased it on TikTok, it got over 800 thousand viers and over 50 thousand likes. In the video, she expressed that she wrote the song about a friend who she was trying to give relationship advice to. The lyrics detail setting the bar higher for relationships. In the chorus she sings, “You never kiss me in a crowded bar / Wanna keep me in the dark where nobody can see us / Always tied up in the middle of the day / But you text real late sayin,’ ‘Hey baby, I need you’ / Ain’t the kind with some time that I’m tryna kill / Let it go if you don’t love me for real.” The track has a pop-country sound and Taylor shows off her vocal range, especially in the pre-chorus where she uses her lower register.

2. “Fine Line” by Sasha McVeigh

releasing this year. The track was written by McVeigh alongside April Kry and social media sensation Spencer Crandall. It opens with loud electric guitars and noticeable drums thumping in the background. McVeigh sings about her mixed feelings regarding a man in her life exclaiming, “There’s a fine line between I love you and I hate you / And this red wine is making it hard to tell if I should let you knock on my door and pull you in / Block all your calls and go to bed / When it comes to you and I / There’s a fine line.”

3. “Missing You” by Nick Wayne

Another TikTok viral track, is the recently released “Missing You” by Nick Wayne that he wrote about his wife and fellow country act Hannah Ellis. He wrote on TikTok, “My wife’s a country singer that’s been on the road a lot lately… So I wrote this song about it.” That same video received over four million views. The track has a swaying beat; it’s a country track influenced by hints of R&B. In the song’s lyrics he laments, “I’m missing you, don’t hold it against me / Spend most of my days when you’re away wanting you with me / I drive you crazy, but you drive me crazy too / But when you’re gone it’s never long before I’m / I’m missing you.”

4. Until the Sun Comes Back Around by Hannah Bethel

Singer-songwriter Hannah Bethel has released a brand new EP titled Untilthe Sun Comes Back Around. The project features six songs in total; two of them were previously released in anticipation of the collection. “Godspeed, Los Angeles” is a beachy, guitar driven track that feels heavily inspired by the West Coast. “Watertown” is an ethereal addition with heartfelt and moving lyrics about the speed of time and how it changes things. It ends with the stripped-back ballad and title track, “On the Way Down,” which features an emotional steel guitar and an exquisite vocal performance from Bethel.

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