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On The Verge: 4 More New Country Releases

As every Friday passes, there are numerous songs that come out from independent country artists whose songs are well-written, beautiful, or simply fun. We’ve compiled a list of songs that were released last week by independent and rising acts that deserve much love and attention. Who knows, you might find your next favorite song.

1. "Place For Me" by Kasey Tyndall and Dylan Marlowe

Tyndall and Marlowe came together to create the perfect country ballad, and everyone should take notice. Singing about wishing for deer stands and Chevy's in Heaven never sounded so good. Their voices blend together in such a natural way that it feels as if they've sung together for years. It's clear that these lyrics enhance the authenticity these two bring to their individual careers as well.

2. "Circles" (Cover) by Abby Anderson

Anderson delivered her own version of the song first made famous by Post Malone. This song deserved a country spin due to its lyricism, and Anderson created her own kind of magic. Her voice on any acoustic track is quite special, let alone on a song about embracing change. Anderson is certainly an artist worthy of higher recognition.

3. "How Are You?" by Dylan Brady