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On The Verge: 4 New Country Releases

As every Friday passes, there are numerous songs that come out from independent country artists whose songs are well-written, beautiful, or simply fun. We’ve compiled a list of songs that were released last week by independent and rising acts that deserve much love and attention. Who knows, you might find your next favorite song.

1. "How You Know You Made It" by Corey Kent

Kent is hot on the heels of an outstanding career. The singer released his brand new song just his hit "Wild As Her" which is climbing the charts. "How You Know You Made It" is a reflective track about what success looks like. Fitting for Kent, he sings about what is important to him as money and fame can be fleeting. His vocals also shine with his signature country-rock style.

2. "Right On Time" by Sarahbeth Taite

This song has a message as sweet as Taite's voice is. She effortlessly sings about how love came into her life exactly when it was meant to. Currently expecting a child with the love of her life, Taite delivers a deeply personal song about the fulfillment she has found. The music video also shows home footage that adds to the track's purpose.

3. "Bad Relationships" by Jordana Bryant

The young songstress released a song that many will relate to. Bryant sings about the frustration that can come with kissing a lot of frogs to find a prince. It can be tiring getting "good at bad relationships." With a pop-country sound, Bryant continues to put her stamp on Nashville.

4. "Wong Ones Do" Temecula Road

"Nothin' feels right like the wrong ones do," sings the band. This song captures the edgy and sometimes gratifying feeling that comes with walking on the wild side. It sounds like the kind of song perfect for a drive down a back road. The way the band sings the lyrics, one can only imagine the high-energy performance they would give singing this in front of live audiences.

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