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On The Verge: 6 New Country Releases

As every Friday passes, there are numerous songs that come out from independent country artists whose songs are well-written, beautiful, or simply fun. We’ve compiled a list of songs that were released last week by independent and rising acts that deserve much love and attention. Who knows, you might find your next favorite song.

1. "Huntin' Season" by Mackenzie Carpenter

This fresh perspective on hunting season is exactly why Carpenter is making waves in Nashville. She brings a feminine twist to a beloved pastime. With carefree vocals and plenty of sass and personality, the singer is bound to have success with this new release.

2. "Burnin' Out" by Logan Michael and Kidd G

This down-home sounding track is bound to be sticking in the mind's of everyone who listens. Michael sings about losing a former flame, and Kidd G adds his own lyrics about heartache.

3. 'born in july' by Taylor Edwards

Edwards has finally delivered her debut album. She is an artist who has found a way to successfully combine country and pop. With every song on this project, Edwards takes fans on a journey through her heart and mind. There is something for everyone on this album.