On The Verge - 7 New Country Releases

As every Friday passes, there are numerous songs that come out from independent country artists whose songs are well-written, beautiful, or simply fun. We’ve compiled a list of songs that were released last week by independent acts that deserve much love and attention. Who knows, you might find your next favorite song.

1. “Good At Being Single” by Renee Blair

The new single from Renee Blair starts out with a quirky-sounding instrumental that’s playful and fun; the pop-country track finds influence from the R&B genre. In the lyrics, Blair reflects on her life as a single woman with a relatable storyline for all of those who find themselves in similar positions. On Instagram, Blair shared, “I got engaged last fall and all of a sudden panicked at the responsibility of what that level of commitment truly means.” In the chorus she admits, “‘Cause I was good at single / I was good at staying out all night / I was good at being reckless, with no stress / Those good ‘ol days are gone / And I know that I’m going to lose it / But I don’t really know what I’m doing / I was good at being single / I was good at being single.”

2. “Port City” by Madeline Edwards

When describing her brand new single, Madeline Edwards states,“I wanted to write a song about my move from Texas to Nashville and the leap that me and my husband took to go on this venture of pursuing music and me really following my dreams.” The lyrics, written by Edwards with Courtlan Clement and Josh Moore, detail the feelings of moving on from a place one knows so well. In the stunning chorus with hints of string sounds, Edwards exclaims, “I don’t know where I’ll land / Like I don’t know where the tide takes the sand / Where I go, I might not understand / But I’m leaving this port city / With the hopes of finding land / And if I don’t sink now, I may never learn to swim.” When the bridge arrives, Edwards voice gets earthly and deep as she sings with grit and passion.

3. “Habit” by Leah Marie Mason

After an extremely busy 2021, TikTok breakout singer Leah Marie Mason is back with her first release of 2022 titled, “Habit.” On social media, Mason wrote. “hope it makes u scream and cry and laugh, this song was a form of therapy for me and i hope it can be the same for you.” “Habit” is about someone who takes your companionship for granted. Mason describes their destructive actions as she states, “I’m just your once a week habit / Once in awhile, gotta have it / You know you’re gonna cave in / And come over when you’re cravin’ / You always wait til the night ends / And you act so surprised when / You’re waking up next to me / I guess I’ll (just) always be, / Your once a week habit.” Despite its somber lyricism, the instrumental is upbeat and catchy, especially in the chorus, forming an interesting parallel.

4. “it won’t always be this way” by Kaitlin Butts

After releasing “it won’t always be this way,” Kaitlin Butts took to Instagram to talk with fans saying, “I’m getting a little teary-eyed thinking of how long I’ve had this song in my back pocket, how personal it is for me, and how happy I am to finally put it out.” The storyline presented in this track feels like a redemption arc and a solid reminder that things get better. The chorus repeats itself almost acting like a pep talk to both Butts and the listener. The verses are vivid and almost grotesque as Butts, the sole writer on the song, describes a person who has done her wrong. In the opening lines she exclaims, “Speak of the devil, in he walks / It’s like his ears burn when I talk / Pushed in a gutter, stuck in a rut / Waiting for the next turn of the knife in my gut.”

5. “Brand New Day” by Jessica Willis Fisher

After releasing two singles, “Fire Song” and “Gone,” Jessica Willis Fischer has released the title track from her upcoming album “Brand New Day.” There’s not much to say other than this song feels like sunlight. In a press release Fischer shared, “This song is my soundtrack to adventure and exploration, and helps me remember to keep celebrating the current moment in life.” The lyrics are optimistic and inspiring as she sings, “Life can’t let you down / When you’re leaving rock bottom with the lost and found / Luck comes knocking on the way / Jump, don’t turn around / You’re gonna hit the net before you touch the ground / Love will rise again and say / It’s a brand new day.” The instrumental is bright and airy as her beautiful vocals lay on top.

6 + 7. “Good Beer Drinkin’” and “Caught Me at a Good Time” by Landon Parker

Country singer Landon Parker has made his debut onto the country music scene after signing with Em.Co (the management behind superstar Tim McGraw). Parker has been releasing music covers on social media for a while, but is now kick starting his career with two releases titled “Good Beer Drinkin’” and “Caught Me at a Good Time.” Both songs lean into the traditional, 90s country sound while staying upbeat and current. Later this year, Parker plans on releasing an EP in which every track will be co-written by him.

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