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Ray Fulcher Announces Mental Health Fund ‘Pretty Good Ball’

During the last week of Mental Health Awareness Month, country singer-songwriter Ray Fulcher took to social media to announce ‘Pretty Good Ball:’ A mental health fund that will support mental health awareness among musicians and songwriters. Pretty Good Ball is partnering with Musicians Health Alliance, a non-profit organization located in Nashville that helps provide health resources and healthcare solutions to musicians.

In a post on Instagram Fulcher stated, “I think we’re all human, we all go through things, and none of us are smart enough or tough enough to get through it alone.” He continues, “I didn’t really learn that personally until this past year, but when I did I knew I wanted to help people on their journey even as I’m navigating my own.” Pretty Good Ball came about after Fulcher spoke to his manager about ways to give back. 

Pretty Good Ball will be creating merchandise and participating in fundraisers and events to help spread its message. The first event will take place at The Listening Room in Nashville on June 23rd. The lineup includes the creator of Pretty Good Ball, Ray Fulcher, along with Devin Dawson, Jonathan Singleton, and Faren Rachels. 

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