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Roman Alexander 'Downtime' EP Review

Roman Alexander is ready to showcase his latest body of work with his fans. The singer has released his new EP Downtime in perfect summer timing. With his smooth vocals and range of songs, there is something for everyone to gravitate to.

Alexander had previously released the songs "One Tequila" and "Bourbon Street." Both tracks introduced the EP in a stylish, and spirited, fashion. Alexander is great at writing straight from the heart, but songs like those can resonate just as profoundly. "One Tequila" is already seeing success on streaming platforms and on YouTube.

"Fried Green Tomatoes" was co-written by Josh Kerr, Chase McGill, and Jessi Jo Dillon. All three writers have a string of hits to their names. It comes across as a true, southern, country track. Alexander sings about an interaction with an older man who delivers the wisdom that he's picked up along the way. "I think it's true what they say / Blondes have more fun / I think it's a damn shame when the good die young / She wants to see the ocean / I think you oughta take her / It ain't as bad as it says in the papers."

"Guys Like Me" is a more self-reflective track about when