Russell Dickerson ft. Jake Scott “She Likes It” Song Review

There are very few things that go together better than Russell Dickerson and Jake Scott’s collaboration on “She Likes It”. Nashville native and country singer-songwriter Dickerson’s style flows effortlessly with the new pop and R&B stylings of Jake Scott.

Dickerson hit it off in the Country Music Row scene with his 2017 platinum hit “Yours” and since then has seen nothing but success. He’s best known for his twangy country-pop sound and taking rewarding risks while dabbling in the R&B genre. Scott landed his spot on the track through the popular app TikTok, where Dickerson premiered the chorus and asked someone else to write a verse for it. Scott tried his hand at it and now, the two rising stars have created an amazing collaboration that we hope is not the last we see of them together.

“She likes it when I pour tequila / Cause she knows that we about to have ourselves a little night / When I play John Denver through that little Bose speaker / And I start dimmin’ those lights / She knows by the way I’m kissin’ on her / That we gonna take our time.”

Dickerson, of course, opens up the song with the first verse singing, “She likes it when I wear a suit / Pick her movie / When I open up / When she’s talking to me / When I go get groceries / And I bring back flowers / And I rub her back for like half an hour.” We can only assume these romantic lines are about his wife, Kailey. With just the first taste of this song, Dickerson lives up to the statement in his Instagram bio, “You’ve probably made out to one of my songs.”

Scott owns the second verse that he wrote himself and sings it with ease that comes from his recent success in various genres such as pop, country, folk, and singer-songwriter. It’s obvious with hits like “Like No One Does” and collaboration with Katelyn Tarver, “Sinking In” there’s no end to what Jake Scott can do. Fresh off tour with LANY, Jake Scott jumps right into the country music scene with Dickerson. Already seeing success from writing hits for Carrie Underwood, Jason Mraz, and more, we can see why Dickerson chose Scott to collaborate with on this track.

“When I leave her a note / Make us reservations / Just because that girl’s worth celebrating / When I already know what she’s thinking / She don’t have to say it.”

Dickerson and Scott’s voices together create hypnotizing melodies through an addictive beat that we can’t help but want more from. A collaboration we never knew we needed, “She Likes It” exceeds our expectations and flies right to the top of our favorite country music releases this month.

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