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Ruthie Collins Talks About ‘Cold Comfort +’ and the Story Behind “Hypocrite”

New York native Ruthie Collins hadn’t put out a full-length project since 2017. Her new LP, ‘Cold Comfort’ was released on April 6th, 2020. “I had been working on the record for years,” she tells us. “Some of those songs were actually seven years old. For so long, I just put everything into it, and then obviously, everything got canceled. Releasing a record at the beginning of a global pandemic, apparently, is not a great idea.” 

The ‘Cold Comfort’ era was redeemed at the beginning of this year with the deliverance of ‘Cold Comfort+,’ an extended version of the original album that featured four new songs. “It felt like it deserved a reboot. Sort of like a new life. I honestly think anyone who released anything within the last two years should get a redo if they want it.” she says while laughing. When her label, Curb Records, came to Collins planning new music, she knew right away she just wanted her already existing record to be revitalized. 

One of the new tracks is the stunning lead single, “Hypocrite.” Collins wrote the deeply vulnerable song that reads like an open wound in the spring of 2019 while living in her best friend’s driveway in her 1973 airstream trailer. “I honestly don’t remember why ‘Hypocrite’ came to me. I just