Scotty McCreery “Why You Gotta Be Like That” Song Review

Scotty McCreery released his latest single “Why You Gotta Be Like That” on Friday, July 16th. Released with the song is an official music video that McCreery had been teasing on social media. The season 10 winner of American Idol continues to forge new ground with every song and this one is no exception. His deep vibrato and charming sense of humor have certainly helped in his quest for stardom.

McCreery has come a long way from his humble beginnings in North Carolina. After winning American Idol in 2011, where fellow country star Lauren Alaina would be his runner-up, he released his platinum selling debut album “Clear As Day.” McCreery has gone on to release two more albums and score three consecutive No. 1 songs. His single “You Time” is currently a top 10 song.

“Why You Gotta Be Like That” is a song that’s all about admiring his wife as he sings, “Baby why you gotta wear them jeans, hair down and a white tank top. Baby why you gotta be so mean, looking so good I can’t stop.” The up-tempo track serves to make any woman feel flattered when hearing it. McCreery knows what his musical strengths are, and feel-good songs like this one are one of them.

Scotty McCreery "Why You Gotta Be Like That"

McCreery co-wrote the song with Jordan Schmidt and James McNair. Schmidt is a multi-platinum writer and producer who has worked alongside the likes of Florida-Georgia Line and Jason Aldean. Their vibe can be felt throughout the song. McCreery, Schmidt, and Nair have seemingly crafted a perfect party tune. “It’s been like that since we met, you keep messing with my head.” The catchy chorus ends with the line “Baby why you gotta be like that,” which will surely be blared through car windows this summer.

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