Seth Ennis Talks About His Two Latest Singles

In April of 2021, singer-songwriter Seth Ennis took to social media to share a note with fans explaining his absence from releasing new music since 2018. He stated, “Truth is, the past couple years played out a little different than I had in mind when I first came to town. I lost my single at radio, parted ways with my record label, and had to go through multiple other changes on my team all right before COVID happened. I went through a mentally dark patch and didn’t really know if I wanted to keep putting music out as an artist.” Although the note read like an open wound, Ennis ended it on a positive note, explaining he’d be releasing new music soon.

What followed the letter was his first single in three years titled, “I Still Do.” Through the summer, he put out two more singles that showed different sides of himself as an artist with the upbeat track “U-Turn” and ultimate heartbreak anthem, “The Book.” “I think part of the reason I was kind of down in the dumps like I was talking about in the note, is because I wasn’t able to put music out, or tour or anything, and that fueled me for the last — since I can remember,” he says. “So, it’s been great to see the reaction.”

Not only has Ennis made a big return to the music scene, but he also welcomed a baby girl in September, now balancing dad life with being an active musician; becoming a dad has motivated him in a newfound way. “Sometimes when you’re in this business and you’re going to write songs every single day, it can get kind of stagnant. And I think that if anything, it motivated me a ton. I’m working for someone other than myself. It’s been great,” he tells us with a noticeably optimistic tone.

His latest music drop came on December 3rd with the double release of “So Much” and “Just a Little.” The latter of the two was written years ago with two Australian songwriters named Lindsay Rimes and Phil Barton. “Every time we get up and write a song together it’s just like one that hits you right in the face,” Ennis exclaims noting both Barton and Rimes’ thrilling energy when working together. “Just a Little” was meant to be on his full-length record when he was at his previous label but it never saw the light of day. When he left the deal, they let him take the master with him.

With a decent gap from when the song was first written until it was released, it would make sense that Ennis, as the writer, might have shifted perspective on the story featured in the lyrics but to him, it’s not that serious saying, “For me, I’m such a songwriter. I just love good songs and hit-sounding songs, and so subject matter, it matters to me sometimes I think, and then some times I’m just like, ‘Man, this is a dope song and I want to put it out ‘cause I feel like people can party to it.’”

Seth Ennis

2021 has not only been a big year for Ennis’ personal sound, but he’s also been a featured writer on Chase Rice’s recent project, The Album, and on Lauren Alaina’s record, Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World. He also wrote numerous songs that appear on The Band CAMINO’s debut, self-titled album; a standout moment for Ennis because of his history with the group. “I’ve kind of known The Band CAMINO boys since before they even moved to town and I was actually their first co-write ever.” He continues, “They’re kind of like little brothers to me and I’ve been with them for a long time.” During the pandemic, Ennis went on retreats with the guys up into the mountains and to the beach to write songs for their LP. He also witnessed them sell out the Ryman Auditorium. “When I saw it sold out and everybody singing the songs I helped write, it was a really special moment for me just because it’s kind of like the first thing I’ve been a part of in Nashville from the beginning as a songwriter that I got to see grow like that.”

As 2021 closes in and the plan with touring is still hazy with the pandemic lingering on, Ennis says excitedly and confidently that he, “Definitely will be touring next year.” He also looks forward to 2022 hinting with an eager attitude, “There’s a lot of things in the works right now.”

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