Spencer Crandall ‘Lost In The Wild’ EP Review

Lost In The Wild is Spencer Crandalls newest EP, available everywhere now, May 28. The project features 5 tracks, and each one is, in one way or another, new to listeners. 

Lost In The Wild features three remixes, “Things I Can’t Say (feat. Julia Cole),” “My Person,” and “Delete All.”

The project opens with what Crandall calls the “wedding version” of “My Person,” which is stripped back, much more of a ballad than the original version. It’s sweet and a lovely way to start off the EP, and you can completely understand why he considers such a romantic song as something that would be played at weddings.

“Things I Can’t Say (feat. Julia Cole),” is also a more stripped-back version, that really lets the vocals shine even more than the original version. It also sounds a little less pop and a little more country, which you have to love.

The final song on the EP is the remix of “Delete All,” which is an EDM-inspired reimagining of the song which really shows the range that Crandall has, and it also shows that he’s not afraid to step outside of what is expected of him. Given that he doesn’t have a label, this totally fits his personality.

The other two songs are new tracks that we get to hear for the first time on this project. The first of the two is “Apartments In LA,” where he sings about breaking up with a long-term girlfriend, and that everything in his hometown reminds him of her, singing “every grocery store, back road, and bar, no matter what I do still feels like ours.” His solution to this problem is to move, not just a little distance, but all the way to LA.

The last song is “Nothing to Do With You,” where he sings, literally, “I want nothing to do with you.” But don’t fret, he doesn’t mean this in the usual way, but rather, that he wants to do nothing with his significant other. It’s a really sweet sentiment about how, sure, couples can get busy and grow apart sometimes, but all they need to do to come back together, is nothing.

Crandall is also starting a podcast called “Why Are We Here?” where he’ll interview celebrities about how they came up in their business, as well as continuing a YouTube series about his own path to stardom, called “Road to the Stadium.” Considering the 1.6 million followers he has on Tik Tok, these are sure to be hits.

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